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Postcards in Halesworth Library

My postcards are now for sale in the public library in Halesworth, Suffolk, in the UK! Thanks to the librarians and volunteers, especially Alison! The library is well worth a visit, with a new junior section, a great collection, and … Lees verder

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Mine Anthology

I responded to a call for contributions for the Mine Anthology, a book full of comics and artwork in support of the Repeal the 8th campaign. This campaign aims to fight for reproductive freedom and make abortion legal in Ireland. … Lees verder

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Exhibition – Ladyfest Brussels

On March 18th-20th I’ll exhibit a few drawings at the Ladyfest Brussels festival at BRASS in Vorst. During the festival there will be workshops, music, films, talks, food and of course art. Come and have a look!

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Workshops en tentoonstellingen

Upcoming exhibitions and workshops: (see agenda for regular updates) Exhibitions / Tentoonstellingen F-word – Fantastic Feminist Festival: comix exhibition (October 2-4th 2015 in Amsterdam) Ladyfest Brussels (March 2016) to be confirmed! Workshops Zine workshop @ Antwerp Queer Arts Festival (August 5th 2015 … Lees verder

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Zine workshops & infostands

Upoming zine workshops and events where my zines will be for sale: VeelZIJdig March 6th-7th at 10:00-18:00 at Martelarenplein in Leuven Workshop description from the website of VeelZIJdig: “Een zine is een magazine dat je zelf samenstelt. Zoek leuke afbeeldingen, … Lees verder

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Let’s LousART marktje

Deze zondag ga ik op het Let’s LousART marktje in Gent staan met zelfgemaakte knuffels, boekenleggers, buttons, kaartjes en zines:

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24 Hour Zine Thing

I’ll take part in 24 Hour Zine Thing this July (as part of International Zine Month): making a zine 24 pages in 24 hours! In Ghent a few zine-makers will gather to work on their zines together. — Ik ga mee … Lees verder

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