Book: Feminist Media

Some of my illustrations and some quotes from my zines/interviews were printed in the recently published book Feminist Media: Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship, edited by Elke Zobl and Ricarda Drüeke. The book also analyses an animation film I made several years ago, called “We are connected with words and wires”.

More info about the book on the website of the publisher Transcript Verlag

From the back of the book:

“While feminists have long recognised the importance of self-managed, alternative media to transport their messages, to challenge the status quo, and to spin novel social processes, this topic has been an under-researched area. Hence, this book explores the processes of women’s and feminist media production in the context of participatory spaces, technology, and cultural citizenship.
The collection is composed of theoretical analyses and critical case studies. It highlights contemporary alternative feminist media in general as well as blogs, zines, culture jamming, and street art.”

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  1. Eveline Cortier zegt:

    Super zeg!!

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