Poster – I don’t shave my legs

“I don’t shave my legs – so what?”
Black pen

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5 reacties op Poster – I don’t shave my legs

    • rebelsister zegt:

      🙂 you seem to draw a lot on public transport! that’s cool! do you always carry a sketchbook? i really love your style. both in the people you draw and in the houses!

      • Valia zegt:

        hi Nina, yes I mostly draw people I see in public transport or in the street. normally, but not always, I carry a small sketchbook, but sometimes I just draw from what I remember. thank you for your comments about my drawings 🙂 I find your work really inspiring!!!

  1. riotbibli@ zegt:

    dear nina, we always carry some copies of this text&drawing in the frauen_bibliothek (the feminist library in basel), since i found these online a few years ago, to take for a little donation for the copy costs.
    many wimmin* and grrrlz* are surprised and delighted when they see them! i want to thank you for your work and i hope you keep on doing great stuff like this and get many positive reactions back! ❤ ❤ ❤

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